More Catholic School Kids Are Expelled for the Sins of their Parents

A Catholic school in Sacramento has kicked out five students and an Athletic Director, Richard Lewin after more fallout was felt from a mother posting lewd images on This is according to CBS13.

Sacred Heart Parish School in East Sacramento sent word to Crystal Jackson on Sunday that her sons cannot attend anymore because of her activity on the adult, subscription-based website. Jackson, who goes by the name Mrs. Poindexter, says she initially dabbled in "pin-up style" modeling as a way to rekindle the intimacy in her marriage. But eventually, the photos and stories became more sexually explicit as fans on the site paid more attention and money. 

Jackson's made 15-thousand-dollars in their first month. Now they make 150-thousand a month. The principal of Sacred Heart Parish School would not comment further about the situation. The Jacksons are now in search of a new school.

Lewin's connection to the parent's OnlyFan's account is unknown.

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