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Take the poll: How bad (or good) is AI going to be for society?

Is AI going to take over the world? Will ChatGBT replace writing and research jobs? How much does AI threaten our free will?

All of these topics AND MORE will be covered in Glenn's Wednesday Night Special tonight that is exclusively about AI. Glenn will dive deep into the technology behind AI, all of the ways that it can be used for good, and the major threats it poses to our way of life, our civilization and our free will.

We want to hear from YOU! What do you think about AI?

Do you think AI is a net positive?

Do you think that AI can replace your job?

Do you think AI can replace other people's jobs?

Do you think AI threatens our free will?

Do you think AI will become more intelligent than us?

Do you think AI will be able to make conscious beings?

Tune in tonight on BlazeTV at 9 pm Eastern.

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