Cops in England Bust Group Making Late-Night Visit to Stonehenge

A group of people in England found themselves in hot water with the law when they defied the country's coronvirus lockdown in order to make a late night visit to Stonehenge. The strange incident reportedly began on Monday evening when, for reasons one can only speculate on, a cadre of four couples in London decided to eschew travel restrictions and make the rather lengthy two-hour drive to the famed monolith. Arriving at around 1:30 AM Tuesday morning, their presence at the pagan landmark was understandably not well received and police were promptly called.

According to authorities, the group "had no good reason" to be at Stonehenge in the middle of the night, which leaves us wondering what possible excuse for their misadventure could have passed muster. In response to their ill-advised visit to the historic site, officers issued £200 fines to seven of the people from the impromptu party. The eighth person in the group, an unnamed woman, faces even more legal trouble as apparently tempers flared during the encounter with the cops and, in the chaos, she allegedly hit one of them in the face.

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