Asking China to lower ethanol tariffs

The U.S. has asked China to lower tariffs on ethanol imports as part of the ongoing talks between the two nations. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue Tuesday confirming the U.S. request, saying “we would certainly love below 15 percent,” tariff levels, but did not say what level the U.S. asking for, according to Reuters.

Last summer, China imposed retaliatory tariffs of up to 70 percent on U.S. ethanol shipments. It’s also unclear how receptive China is to the U.S. request, but Perdue says the two sides are “engaged in conversation.” Perdue says several other agriculture issues are “on the table” in the trade talks, including poultry access, issues over beef exports, feed grains, ethanol and distillers grains.

Meanwhile, President Trump delayed a planned March tariff increase on Chinese goods, also seen as a deadline for the talks to conclude.

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