Responsible use of pesticides

Senate Agriculture Committee leaders this week reintroduced the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act. The legislation would establish a framework for EPA when registering pesticides. The Senators, Including Pat Roberts and Debbie Stabenow, say the legislation would support the Environmental Protection Agency “in providing timely approvals of crop protection tools.”

The bill also includes protections for farmworkers, including resources to train farmworkers in the safe and responsible application of pesticides. The Senators say the original intent of the legislation has been to create a more predictable and effective evaluation process for pesticide decisions by coupling the collection of fees with specific decision review periods.

The legislation includes technical changes and extends authority for EPA to collect updated pesticide registration and maintenance fees through fiscal year 2023. The bipartisan PRIA legislation introduced this week is identical to what passed the Senate unanimously by voice vote in June 2018.

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