Pork supplies tight in China amid ASF outbread

The Chinese hog industry has been hit hard by the African Swine Fever virus. The disease has a nearly 100 percent mortality rate among infected animals. Earlier this year, the Chinese government placed transportation restrictions on moving hogs in provinces that had ASF outbreaks. As a result, pork supplies are running low in certain areas. Chinese officials have relaxed those restrictions to make sure the country has adequate supplies. Breeder pigs and piglets from provinces without infection can now be transported to other provinces. Breeders and piglets from infected provinces can now be moved anywhere within that province. Hogs in infected areas of China can be moved to large slaughterhouses if the farm they were raised on meets certain biosecurity requirements. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce wants to grow its hog supplies ahead of the Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival in early 2019. China is home to the world’s largest hog herds, containing 55 percent of the world hog population. Forty percent of those are called “backyard hogs,” which makes the disease that much harder to contain.

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