Another E-15 milestone

Growth Energy announced that U.S. drivers have added another billion miles to their total, now up to six billion miles on E15. That announcement comes shortly after President Trump’s move to make E15 available to drivers year round. Two major fuel retailers also made news about their plans for E15 expansion. “American drivers know a good value when they see it, which is precisely why once they try E15, they come back again and again,” says Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “E15 provides unrivaled value for engines, the environment, and people’s wallets. We’re seeing more and more Americans rely on E15 to fuel their lives.” Steve Anderson, owner of Minnoco (MIn-NOH-koh) and an ASE Certified Automobile Consultant, says E15 has been a resounding success for his customers. “When drivers pull up to our pumps, they choose E15 because it delivers more octane for a lower cost than regular unleaded gasoline and because it burns cleaner and cooler.” He’s worked as a mechanic for 33 years and says he’s seen firsthand the benefits of E15. “We’ve sold E15 for four years and have had nothing but satisfied customers,” Anderson adds.  

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