What's the support level for the House Farm Bill re-do?

House Ag Committee Chair Mike Conaway has compiled a list of 36 Republicans he needs to persuade to vote in favor of the House Farm Bill. That’s a lot of work to do before it comes up for a second vote, which is tentatively expected to take place next week. Politico says that will happen after votes on two different immigration bills in the House. Conaway, a Texas Republican, wants 29 Republicans who voted against the bill to change their vote, as well as influence another seven GOP members who were absent the day of the first vote. Conaway, with a list of members’ names in hand, told reporters on Thursday that, “It’s going to be close.” Not a single Democrat voted for the bill when it failed 198 to 213. Many members of the House Freedom Caucus didn’t vote for the farm bill because they wanted GOP leadership to first schedule floor time for an unrelated immigration proposal put forth by Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte of Virginia. The House is expected to vote on the farm bill next week and will also vote on a more moderate package that’s still being negotiated.

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