Is your food safe?

Approximately three-quarters of Americans plan to grab an apron and spatula to get grilling as the weather warms up. A new study out from Cargill shows as consumers grill steaks, chicken, and burgers this year, 94 percent of Americans believe that their food is safe. Cargill’s Feed4Thought Survey finds that 94 percent of the country believes the meat they buy for their grills is safe. Almost 80 percent of the respondents believe that food producers are taking the necessary steps to ensure that meat is safe for the grill. Another 87 percent of respondents believe that an animal’s diet can have a positive impact on food safety. Chuck Warta of Cargill says food safety is a top priority as American get into the grilling season. “It’s clear that Americans care very deeply about where their food comes from, how it’s raised, and they’re increasingly aware that safety begins on the farm with what’s in an animals’ diet,” he says. Other survey results show that 72 percent of Americans grill, with 41 percent doing it at least once a week. The most popular option on the grill is steak, getting 42 percent of the vote as the favorite grilling item.

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