Mark up of the House Ag Committee's Farm Bill

The House Agriculture Committee Wednesday approved the draft farm bill, with 26 in favor, and 20 voting against the bill. Democrats and Republicans squared off on the nutrition title, which Republicans are seeking to reform to include work requirements. However, Democrats argue the program changes may be too costly, and that the reforms are “not the right way” to help people get work. Georgia Democrat David Scott went as far to call the draft the “most terrible farm bill we’ve ever had.” In opening remarks, Ranking Democrat of the Committee, Collin Peterson, claimed the “flawed bill” is the result of a “bad and nontransparent process.” Chairman Mike Conaway argues that Democrats on the committee, who announced “unanimous opposition” to “partisan policies” regarding the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, “had no interest in negotiating on the SNAP title.”  In his opening statement Conaway focused on the need for a new farm bill stemming from the current agriculture economy, and the lack of will by Democrats to negotiate SNAP.

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