Video Shows 'Possessed' Airline Passenger Freaking Out On Frontier Flight

Young caucasian woman holding cabin bag angry and mad screaming frustrated and furious, shouting with anger. rage and aggressive concept.

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A chaotic video shared online shows a woman, described by another passenger as being "possessed," having a hysterical meltdown and climbing over seats during a Frontier Airlines flight.

The video, which was shared on Reddit Saturday (November 18), shows a woman screaming in agony while crew members attempt to detain her.

“Stop pulling on my arm,” the woman yelled during her expletive-filled rant.

The clip then shows a man exchanging words with a flight crew member, which leads to the woman attempting to break away and climb over rows of seats.

“Stop blocking me,” the woman screams in the face of another crew member after hurdling.

A flight worker then attempts to get other passengers to take their seats before the clip cuts to another woman wearing a beanie claiming that the incident showed a "real devil that wants to kill each and every one of y’all including your family members.”

“That’s not her, she’s possessed!” the woman in the beanie said. “She needs help!”

“If y’all don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ, I suggest you find one,” she added.

The video then shows the woman in the beanie singing a hymn as staffers attempt to get the "possessed" woman under control. A third woman is then seen giving the erratic woman a long hug in an effort to calm her down as the woman in the beanie continues to sing.

The video finally concludes with a police officer walking the erratic woman off of the plane. The clip is the latest viral video showing meltdowns on airplanes.

Earlier this month, TikTok user @spam39231 re-shared what was captioned as a "deleted post from 11/13 phillypolish," which reportedly took place on a Southwest Airlines flight to Kansas City, according to the Daily Mail.

“Get the f—k off me! I am being trafficked! I am being human trafficked! Leave me alone!” said the woman, who was wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses perched on her head, while screaming as she was being held by airline crew members.

“They’re trying to put stuff on me! Get off! Get the f—k off!’ the woman yelled while shoving a flight attendant who grabs her wrists.

The video came months after Tiffany Gomas' viral meltdown on an American Airlines plane in which she claimed that another passenger was "not real" while attempting to exit the aircraft in July.

Gomas, 38, appeared on the latest episode of Barstool Sports' 'Pardon My Take' podcast released on November 3 and addressed the incident. When asked what led to the now infamous claim that the passenger was "not real," Gomas admitted that she "literally did not see anything" adding that "it was an expression of speech."

“The reason I probably haven’t come out yet is that it’s so cringe,” Gomas said, explaining that she had gotten into a "little bit of an altercation" with another passenger that escalated.

“It was not my best moment … it was actually a horrible moment. Absolutely mortifying. How horribly mortifying,” Gomas added.

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