Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Threatens Attacks On Vital U.S. Ships

Anti-US rally in Tehran

Anti-US rally in Tehran

A high-ranking military official in Iran has threatened to attack American targets in the Middle East in retaliation for an airstrike that killed General Qassem Soleimani. Brig. General Gholamali Abuhamzeh said that the Iranian military has identified 35 'vital' American targets within their reach and pointed out that there are numerous warships patrolling the Strait of Hormuz.

“Thirty-five vital American positions in the region are within the reach of the Islamic Republic, and Tel Aviv,” Abuhamzeh, was quoted as saying by Tasnim News Agency. “The Strait of Hormuz is a vital thoroughfare for the West, and a large number of American destroyers and warships cross the Strait of Hormuz, the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf."

His comments come a day after the U.S. deployed an additional 3,500 troops to the Middle East.

Photo: Getty Images