North Carolina Town Ends New Year's Eve Possum Drop After Years Of Protests

Opposum Stuck On Fence In Lawrence

Opposum Stuck On Fence In Lawrence

In the early 1990s, a small town in North Carolina came up with a "redneck response" to the ball drop on New Year's Eve in Times Square, New York. Instead of dropping a massive crystal ball as the clock counts down to midnight, they decided to drop a live possum.

While the tradition brought in curious tourists every year, not everybody was happy with using a live possum as a prop in their celebration.

Over the years, PETA and other animal rights groups started protesting the annual event. They said it was cruel to place a possum in a plexiglass box, surrounded by bright lights and cheering crowds. They worried that the fireworks and muskets were scaring the shy animal while it was trapped in a box with nowhere to go.

After the festival's founder, Clay Logan, retired last year, the possum drop moved from Brasstown to the neighboring town of Andrews. 

It looks like one year was enough for the residents of Andrews, and they have decided to come up with a new New Year's Eve tradition. 

"Times are changing," Mayor James Reid said. "Our plan is to have an awesome party and not have any live animals involved whatsoever."

This year, festivities will include a pro-wrestling match and a womanless beauty pageant.

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