Boy Gets Magnifying Glass For Christmas, Immediately Sets Yard On Fire

Anyone who has seen kids on Christmas morning knows that they can't wait to start playing with their new toys. That's just what a 12-year-old in Texas did, but it didn't go the way his mom thought it might. Nissa-Lynn Parson shared her story on Facebook, explaining how she got her son, Cayden, a magnifying glass for the holiday. Cayden, an avid reader who is into science, asked for the unique gift. Nissa-Lynn thought it was to magnify something or to read with, but it turns out, Cayden just wanted to light a fire with it, and that's exactly what he did.

Parson explained that soon after the gift was open, Cayden and his brothers went outside with it, but moments later, they came running back into the house to announce that the lawn was on fire and melting the Christmas lights. Nissa-Lynn and her husband ran out to see the grass turning black. They turned the sprinklers on, filled buckets with water and threw blankets on the blaze to put it out. They were able to extinguish it before it spread to the neighbors' houses, all while wearing their Christmas pajamas.

Nissa-Lynn made sure to note that this was an accident and it could've been worse. She said, "Instead of a tragedy it will now be a Christmas to remember."

She ended her post stating, "Oh and never buy a magnifying glass for your son." She also told her local news station that come spring, her boys are going to have a lot of yard work to do.

Photo: Facebook/Nissa-Lynn Parson, Getty Images